1. Go to London.
2. Live in Japan.
3. Take up yoga.
Just yesterday (05.07.2013) and it seems fun. :)
4. Climb a big mountain top in BG.
02.09.2012 Musala 2925 m, Rila Mountain. There I was on a Sunday ... Thanks, Ivan!
09.09.2012 Black peak 2290 m., Vitosha Mountain. Shall I repeat myslef???

5. Become a psychologist.
6. Visit the Taj Mahal.
7. Enjoy the GRAND Canyon experience.
8. See Niagara/Iguasu Falls.
9. Walk on the edge of a volcano crater.
10. Write a book preferably with poetry.
11. Teach in a third world country.
12. Feel the Seven Rila Lakes.
04.09.2011 Sealed and delivered!
04.08.2012 Ivan Vazov Hut! :)
30.09.2012 Ooops, I did it again!

13. Have my own exhibition.
14. Swim in the ocean.
15. Listen to a Spanish guitarist.
16. Attend a BIG concert.
29.10.2011 Thank you SADE for choosing Sofia, BG!
12.05.2013 Depeche Mode, Georgi Asparuhov Stadium!
14.05.2013 Bon Jovi, Vasil Levski Stadium! Epic!
17.05.2014 Aerosmith, Lokomotiv Stadium! A dream come true!

17. Go scuba diving in the Red Sea.
18. Say “Hi!” to Santa in Lapland. :)
19. Observe an AURORA.
20. Watch a full solar eclipse with my own two eyes.

I wanna prove that water can find its way through any circumstances.
I think that would be just about enough for now!
If I manage to fulfill at least half of that it will be a life worth living. :)

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