петък, 14 март 2014 г.

The first kiss ... (and advertisement)

The first kiss ...

Is it still stuck on your lips?
Is it still embedded in your mind?
Is it still painted on your heart?
(as they say in the song)

I'd like to think it's still here -
that wonderful butterfly feeling in your stomach.
I want to imagine it exists after all these years had passes away.
But of course, it's inevitably alive.
Because otherwise why would we love?
What would be the sense of commitment?
What would be the reason to stay?
If it's not for that churning, undying memory that keeps the world revolving,
the endless source of energy that makes us believe in the power of tomorrow
and the beauty of the new morning. Why would we live? (if not for love ...)

That gorgeous smile that keeps it company ...
That spark that lights up the eyes and sets our heart on fire ...
All that we crave, and all that we cherish - it's in that first kiss.
The combination of wondering, expectation and the best of our dreams and hopes.
It's all in that first kiss ...

Once I asked a friend about it and she told me it all happened naturally.
And indeed, it does with every new first kiss. You can't deny it.
This is just the way it is. We may continue asking the hows and whys ...
about this experience but the answer will always be too obvious to neglect.
It brings out the best in us.
The hope for the future,
the meaning in the new day,
the invisible blood that keeps the heart pounding.
If you want to know what love is ...
Go again for that first kiss as if you've never done it before.

In class,
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