понеделник, 31 октомври 2011 г.

SADE in Bulgaria ... my version of it!

As I read the news last summer I stormed out of the room and rushed to share it with my beloved but unexpectedly I didn't meet the same enthusiasm. :( Oh, well! You'd probably say that's not quite a good start, or was it?

The date has been changed ... the tickets were available later than expected but I still hadn't found a soul mate to share the experience with. Oh, well! You'd probably say that's not a really good continuation of the story either ... but you haven't heard the end of it yet!

In late September after fierce negotiations with a few friends I decided I was meant to go alone and embracing that I said: SO BE IT! Got the ticket anyway. Eventually I even found the best person to share it with ...

On the very night I even found a way to share two passions: my love for Japan and music. Went out to have sushi with a friend and then it was off to the great event. And so it was and here's how it went:

SADE made us all become "Soldiers of LOVE" and simply said "Sofia Your LOVE is king!" and "LOVE was found"! ...

As a real "Smooth operator" SADE made us cry with her for "Jezebel", Somalia and her "Pearls" and finally turned even the toughest men into "King of sorrow"!

And as this is "No ordinary love" it became "Love .. stronger than pride"! This is "The sweetest taboo" a human can experience making us "Cherish the day" when we'll have the chance to experience SADE again! Look at "The moon and the sky" pray and hope ... for the BEST! :) And so we'll have faith in LOVE to bring the rare pearl SADE back in Sofia again!

Now you can enjoy a few photos of mine (excuse the poor quality, please!):

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