петък, 4 ноември 2011 г.

What about us? Bulgarians ...

Hm, everyone wants to be a star here in our too small a country. Whilst on the other side of the Old world people are actually earning the right with real qualities. We have so many reality shows that I can't even remember their number let alone watch them each night! Yet, here I am enjoying foreign music! Unfortunately,I don't remember the last time when I played Bulgarian music for pleasure ...

Recent example of our lack of talent being yet another Belgian musician captivating me this time! Her nickname is Selah Sue and she has just a few songs released but I can't stop listening to them literally. That's why I'm just gonna share them with you:

Where the heck are the talented Bulgarian singers 'cause I'm pretty sure there's gotta be a few of those available even on that small piece of land where we have everything else ... Belgians have Selah Sue, Dutch have Anouk, British have Adele and Duffy (even Iceland has Bjork)... What about us Bulgarians? Where has all the greatness hidden itself?

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