вторник, 19 юни 2012 г.

Detach...meant? (or something like it ...)

Hi dear reader,
Have you ever wondered? ||
Why do I address you like that? ||
Why are you reading this? ||
Why do we connect? ... ||
Such hard questions to answer ...
Yet, I happened to find a sufficient reply to it ...
In a film that is ... or something much more than that.

SO ... tonight I wanna tell you about DETACHMENT. Probably, to you it's irrelevant how I got to come across this thing ... how I decided it's more important than seeing my Facebook profile ... well, it all leads to this guy that I live with. Actually, the only person I've been mostly connected with for the past 8 years ... mocking a family!

Is it a coincidence that my relationship beliefs have been shaken to their very core in the past two months? Is it a mere chance that I watched this at the time when I needed it most? I guess no one can tell ... || But I can say two things for sure! I'm more than grateful for this man in my life right now and I'm not going to ever regret devoting my time to his hobbies which frankly said aren't quite many.

I just wanna share that the man I live with hasn't got many words up his sleeve nor has he got many surprises ... but we DO connect on these rare occasions when he discovers something that I need and delivers it ... even when this is a cold beer on a very hot summer night ... Against all odds || YES || We do connect. And this is the time of Venus retrograde when we aren't supposed to communicate well. :) Oh, bugger off, will ya! One has to believe what their heart and mind dictates: DON'T narrow it down to a planetary or whatever there is || disposition!

Just watch ... enjoy ... detach ... meant ... connect!

(Yes, they had a concert in Bulgaria just a few days ago ...
Yes, I do love Joey's voice and the goofy haircuts ...)

And since I like storytelling as well let me show you this which you've probably already watched:

Only fairy tales have endings ... :) In life we make our own ending ... Let's make it the best possible one. :D For more info on prejudice and superstition see:

Just a wink of humor on the subject matter. ;)

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