неделя, 14 април 2013 г.

Ishtar - what is there more to say???

What do you think is the biggest addiction in the world? Hm, I doubt that you can point out anything in particular but for some it's definitely music and when you go to a concert you can easily understand what I'm talking about! Since I attended such an event recently I decided to share a few words with you about it. :)

What is Ishtar? I'd like to call her a singer of the world (like some like to call themselves citizens of the world)! She sang in many languages that night ... but that I suppose is not the most important thing! She sang her biggest hits as well as some new songs ... but again probably that's not the highlight! She made the whole audience stand up and dance (in a hall with seats only!) but is that the best of that evening? Definitely not ...

There were people of all ages enjoying and sharing the experience and this is what really matters! Besides the huge gaps between generations music can really make us unite and enjoy something together through a language that we may not even fully comprehend!
That's why just go to a concert and enjoy! :D
I can't wait to hear another song in Bulgarian from Ishtar!

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