събота, 10 март 2012 г.

What is the future ...?

Today is the day …
Tonight is the night …
That my musical world has been turned upside down!
I was always known as a person who shows genuine interest in … MUSIC!
But if only I haven’t seen what I saw this morning:

Well, after SIMONE …

I was like LOL! But now my mouth has been shut, lip-sealed, tongue-tied and I don’t know what else! Is this the future of MUSIC?

Hm … I don’t know what to say! We are surely and persistently devoured by technology! When a virtually generated voice and a hologram simulation can make our hearts beat faster and get us together and experience emotion that strong as you can see in both videos! YES, it is a real time concert (the first video) and now a third version of the software has been developed …
WHERE is the role of humans in the future when comps have taken over music as well?
We truly live in very ineteresting times indeed!

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