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To feel Ayo ... 06.06.2013 Sofia Bulgaria!

Have you ever ...? was the question marking this concert.
Have you ever hugged a performer?
Have you ever danced with one?
Have you ever made a musician cry?
Have you overcome the boundaries of language?
Has a performer made your child smile and dance at a concert?
If you haven't done any of these you haven't been to an AYO show!
The amazing singer was in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia last night ...
and what a night it was - there are hardly any words to describe it but I'll try anyway!

First was the anticipation for all the latecomers to take their seats and enjoy the show ... (don't get me wrong I was one of them ... Sorry that you had to wait for me guys!)
Then, the magic began ... Just a girl with a guitar and a crystal clear voice!
What a delight for the eardrums! I never thought I'd hear someone who sounds better live than they do on a record but the charming Ayo proved me wrong!

And SO the show began ... Everything went into place and the crowd began to cheer.
Just as we heard her big hit HELP IS COMING the performer left the stage for the next song and mingled with the fans from left to right and from top to bottom. We tried to do our best and give her the joy and love she really deserves and I think that we managed because when Ayo came back on stage she was crying and didn't want to leave her fans ... Afterwards came an emotional performance of 'It's supposed to be love'!
You have to watch the videos because I can't really put it into words:

And as we all try hard to do our job well (just as Bobby did)
I'll see if I can find some more words to express myself ...
There's a book saying that if you haven't drunk 3 cups of tea with mountaineers you can't pretend to know them. I would dare say that if you haven't danced, touched and hugged a singer you haven't received a thorough experience. And danced we did ...
Even towards the end of the show we played a little game dancing with Ayo ...
Everyone wanted to get closer to her and in a way I believe we all did ...
Because she was here not to teach or preach but to share and that she did!
I hope a bit of her heart stayed here last night and we'll get the chance to meet her again!
Not as a performer but already as an old friend. :)
Till then enjoy her music and stay tuned for more of her!
(including the smile that didn't go off her face the whole night) :)
She is just as amazing as the rose she got from a fan if not more ...
So I'll definitely be waiting for the next show and the next time she'll sing a Whitney song!

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  1. Hello, Moon Time Tales!
    I thank you for that you use my 3 videos from Ayo's concert in Sofia, Bulgaria (06.06.2013)

    1. Hi, Bobby! It's Silvia who helped you with the titles of the songs last night and yeah I'm the writer of this blog. :) BTW it's not the first time I'm using your videos! Read on. ;) Thanks for doin' a great job as well!