събота, 16 юли 2011 г.

Sucker Punch (Измислен свят) ... you figure out the rest. :)

To get to know what you’re getting into first watch the video. :)

This post will be as weird as the video itself …
Today was like any other day as a starter but … (there’s always a “but” …) it got stranger as it went on. Of course, one never knows what to expext out of every situation but I thought there’s no harm in that. Can be somewhat surreal but it’s worth the risk.

Going home was a real adventure! First there was the most beatiful bird I’ve ever seen as big as a pencil on the tip of a pink thorn. Right next to them were a few sunflowers. (when do you ever see a sunflower in the city exept in the vases of flower shops – cut down and deemed to waste?)

Then again I saw a heavily smoking car engine on my way home and it got me to thinking: Is it gonna explode or what? Is the man gonna be OK? (‘cause his wife flipped out and just went away from the car instead of looking for help.) A van stopped and the driver called the fire brigade and took out a fire extinguisher so hopefully everything turned out fine.

Kept on walking and eventually a safe field was in front of me but the end of it was full of crows. Looked kinda creepy until I saw one of them in the air with a pear in its mouth for her babies.

All I’m saying is that my day was like a real time movie and I bumped into another one when I got home.

Watching “Sucker Punch” had started. Not a big deal as a heading or a trailer anyway but I decided to join in the fun. And I don’t regret a minute of it (always liked films about crazy people … ooooooops shouldn’t have bothered to tell … but you’ll know anyway!). You won’t get much more than the gorgeous shooting and some great acting but there’s also a deeper meaning to it! So I suggest you just watch the movie yourself and I can only guarantee that there will be no disappointment or regrets about … whatever … here’s just a sneak preview:

As you watch remember the name of Bjork’s song and don’t forget:

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